Cotton Fabric Phenolic resin
Fibreglass epoxy/polyester resin
insulating laminates/tubes/rods

We supply wound, pressed and filament wound tudes. A CNC controlled winding process can create filament wound tudes up to six metres long with special electrical, mechanical and chemical properties. We also produce solid rods to the same quality standards. Tubes are used in large quantities for the manufacture of bearing and guide bushes, tapered rings, ball bearing cages etc. Rods are mainly used for the manufacture of cylinders and rollers.
Depending on required quality, the customer can choose from a wide range of sheet sizes. Platen-finished sheets have the advantage that a resin layer is present on the surface, and this affors a better protection, for chemical and electrical resistance. Close tolerances and face parallelism can be achieved by grinding the pressed sheets.
In many applications these laminates offer good properties in relation to arc and track resistance and dielectric strength. The excellent price/performance relationship makes these products an ideal replacement for special materials
Industrial composite materials which are reinforced with cotton fabric. These materials are characterised by their good mechanical properties and low wear. Parts made from cotton fabric laminates considerably extend the life of machines and mechanically stressed components, so leading to excellent cost savings (servicing, replacements).

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